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photo courtesy of Bill Vande Water
William Stuart Baring-Gould

William S. Baring-Gould was a Time executive whose contributions to the literary world (and especially to Sherlockians) are manifest.  Mr. Baring-Gould was a descendent of the well-known author and archivist Reverend Sabine Baring-Gould (1834-1924) who was a featured character in Laurie King's book The Moor.  He was the author of numerous important Sherlockian works including, Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street, The Chronological Holmes and the famous The Annotated Sherlock Holmes. The Annotated Sherlock Holmes is considered by many Sherlockians as his crowning achievement and is a must in every Sherlock Holmes Collection.  He authored other works, including The Lure of the Limerick: An Uninhibited History, Nero Wolfe of West Thirty-fifth Street (a work about the detective whom some speculate is the "son" of Sherlock Holmes) and collaborated with his wife, Ceil, onThe Annotated Mother Goose, Nursery Rhymes Old and New.  All of these works are important volumes in their respective literary worlds.  Mr. Baring-Gould was BSI and invested as "The Gloria Scott".  Julian Wolfe said at his passing:

"In the true Irregular tradition, and in accordance with the precepts of Christopher Morley, he was always ready to encourage young Sherlockians, many of whom owe much to his valuable asistance."

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