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Adorning the walls of The Gallery in
The Diogenes Club are a few wonderful
pieces of rare and unusual art..
We hope you enjoy this fine collection.

The Diogenes Club:  Best of Times by Gail Reeves
"Best of Times" Oil by
Gail Reeves of 
Queen Victoria and Basil Rathbone
The Diogenes Club:  The Hound of the Baskervilles by Wysocki
Comic Book Art by Classic Comics (#21)
3 Famous Mysteries (The Sign of the Four)
The Diogenes Club:  Postum Advertisement
Advertisement Art for Postum in
McCall's Magazine
The Diogenes Club:  Comic Book Art of Mickey Mouse as Sherlock Holmes
Cartoon Art of
Mickey Mouse as Sherlock Holmes 
Louisville Courier-Journal, 1994
The Diogenes Club:  Reddy Kilowatt as Sherlock Holmes
Advertising Art of 
Reddy Kilowatt as Sherlock Holmes 
The Diogenes Club:  Ghostbusters Sherlock Holmes
Cartoon Art for 
Ghostbusters Cartoon of 
Sherlock Holmes Ghost
The Diogenes Club:  Strange but True Cadbury Chocolate Card
Strange but True Chocolate Card by
Cadbury Chocolates of
Sherlock Holmes 
The Diogenes Club:  The Great Mouse Detective by Walt Disney
Oil Painting Art by 
L. Ryder of 
Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes
The Diogenes Club:  Stuff and Nonsense by Walt Kelly
Sketch Art by 
Walt Kelly of 
Stuff and Nonsense 

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