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The Diogenes Club:  Frederic Dorr Steele
Frederic Dorr Steele
1874 - 1944

One of the most important illustrators of the Canon (sharing the stage with Sidney Paget), Frederic Dorr Steele drew some of the most powerful and insightful illustrations of many Canonical works in Collier's Magazine.  Freddie, as he was called, was a well-known American illustrator who not only did work for magazines and other media at the time, but was also an artist of importance.  His work continues to influence people well into this century.  Mr. Steele was commissioned by the Limited Editions Club to select from his previous work for a new publication of the Canon for LEC, as well as prepare NEW works for this pending publication.  Unfortunately, he passed away before he had an opportunity to complete his commission.

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