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The Diogenes Club: The Sherlockian Library
The Sherlock Holmes Library
An annotated and corrected compilation of the recommendations of eminent Sherlockians for libraries of Sherlockian Literature.  The individual library recommendations from these Sherlockians are below.
The Diogenes Club: The Canon
The Canon
The Canon, including abbreviations by Jay Finley Christ, with annotations and publication dates included
The Diogenes Club: The Abbreviations
The Abbreviations
All of the Abbreviations on one page, including the Canon, the Apocrypha (short and long), the Exploits, the Solar Pons stories (including the Basil Copper stories), the Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes Kanon and the Schlock Homes parodies
The Diogenes Club:  Studies in the Literature of Sherlock Holmes by Msgr. Ronald A. Knox
Studies in the Literature of Sherlock Holmes
Monsignor Ronald A. Knox
This paper is The Cornerstone of Sherlockiana
The Diogenes Club:  William S. Baring-Gould's Chronology of the Canon, adapted by James Hoy M.D.
A Chronology of the Canon
William S. Baring-Gould
Compiled and arranged by Dr. James Hoy
The Diogenes Club:  The Hoy Canonical Summaries
The Hoy Canonical Summaries
James Hoy M.D.
Summaries of the entire Canon

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