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The Diogenes Club:  Monsignor Ronald A. Knox
Ronald A. Knox, 1912
from the Grypon Club photograph below
Trinity Archive

The Diogenes Club:  The Gryphon Club, 1912
The Grypon Club
Trinity Archive

Studies in the Literature of Sherlock Holmes, a semi-serious paper on the sometimes too-serious idea of "literary scholarship" was presented by Father Knox (then an Anglican Priest) before this group in 1911.  It was published in The Blue Book Magazine in 1912.   Msgr. Knox  went on to publish this work in his Essays in Satire in 1928. 

Stephen E. DeLong, in a research project of his own, found these references and photos through his research.  Clare Hopkins, Archivist at Trinity Archive provided the information quoted below (as found in DeLong's website).  For a look, yourself, please link to The Gryphon Club.

"The Gryphon Club was founded in 1881 as a semi-serious paper reading society. It was in existence until the mid 1920s, and was refounded briefly in the 1960s. There was an average of perhaps 20 active members at any time, and they would meet in one another's rooms and address each other on a wide range of literary or general-interest topics. Minutes were kept and annual photographs taken. It happened that several of the founding members went on to be Fellows (and one a president) of Trinity. They continued to patronise its activities, and this contributed to its unusually long existence. (Very few College societies have ever flourished for more than 3 years after the original members graduated.)" 
Clare Hopkins, Archivist

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