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The Diogenes Club:  William Hooker Gillette, Honorary Member
William Hooker Gillette
1853 - 1937

Mr. Gillette was a well-known and respected actor and director, most famous for his stage work as fellow Honorary Member, Sherlock Holmes.  He was a friend of Honorary Member Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a consumate actor and the co-author (with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) of the stage play named after Mr. Holmes:  Sherlock Holmes:  A Play in 4 Acts.  Mr. Gillette was a reclusive individual off-stage and lived on the upper Connecticut River in America.  He was proud of his self-built home (called Gillette Castle by everyone but himself) and the re-creation of Mr. Holmes' 221B Baker Street sitting room which it contains, but was especially fond of his 3-mile narrow-track steam locomotive and cars.  Mr. Gillette enjoyed giving rides to the famous and not-so-famous around his beautiful grounds.  More information about Mr. Gillette, his work and his castle can be found at the Gillette Website.

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