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The Diogenes Club:  Rick Freeman, Honorary Member
Rick M. Freeman

Rick Freeman (AKA, Fred Porlock) is the owner of the Baker Street Web Ring (the largest Sherlock Holmes Web Ring) and proprietor of Yoxley Old Place, widely considered one of the most comprehensive of all Sherlock Holmes websites on the internet.  Yoxley began life as a BBS in the late '80s until "everything was destroyed in a fire" (1995).  The website, Yoxley Old Place, soon followed (1997) as the internet became the next most logical choice for continuing Rick's childhood-borne love of Sherlock.  Rick says he is an Information Tech at  "are you ready for this:  Human Resources Development Canada - Income Security Programs Branch - Southwestern Ontario Regional Office (also known as HRDC-ISP-SWOnt)".  He lives in a remodeled schoolhouse (an "island in the middle of farmland") in Ontario and is a confirmed "webtoy user",  Sherlockian and all-around nice fellow.  He says that pictures "steal part of his soul" and said his mom would approve of the one above.

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