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Post to the Diogenes Club
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From the Diogenes Club

Study in Scarlet and Memoirs of SH (2 volumes)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Oxford University Press

1993 HB w/ DJ, annotated

Oxford SH volumes. condition is vf/nm, some small abrasions to the dj's, remainder marked volumes. These are from my personal collection.

$10.00 US from
The Diogenes Club

Justice Hall

Laurie R. King

Bantom Books

2002 HB w/ DJ

SH and Mary Russell. condition: nm/mint. probably a bookclub edition. I ran across this in a book sale.

$3.00 US from
The Diogenes Club

Sherlock Holmes and the Raleigh Legacy

LB Greenwood

St. Martin's

1987 1st pb

condition: about g/vg in wrappers. It would be vf/nm except it has a dent in the binding like someon started to fold it the wrong way. The effect doesn't make the book unusable or anything like that. I ran across it in a book sale.

$2.00 US from
The Diogenes Club

The Canary Trainer

Nicholas Meyer

WW Norton

1999 1st edition HB w/ DJ

condition: mint. brand new. there are a couple of dent-like
scrapes that you can see in the gloss of the DJ, otherwise mint. This book is unread. I ran across a couple of these in a close-out from some company my workplace worked with. This volume is NOT remainder marked, so it's the real first edition, new book at a blow-out price.

$4.00 US from
The Diogenes Club

Embassy Row

Quinn Fawcett

Tom Doherty

1998 1st edition HB w/ DJ

condition: ex-library w/ all the markings. DJ is about nm. The book has binding broken and damaged in the front, but is not separated. otherwise it would be about vg/f (even including the library markings. It looks to me as if they dicarded it because of the binding). This was part of my personal collection.

$2.00 US from
The Diogenes Club



Curious Incidents, Volume 2: Being the Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Edited by J.R. Campbell and Charles Prepolec


Mad for a Mystery 

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic character lives again in this new paperback collection of pastiche fiction in the style of the original. This book features both first-time and published authors in a collection that is sure to please the most discerning of Sherlockian readers! Starting with an adventure at a lonely Martello Tower through a missing locomotive mystery to a youthful Holmes in his Montague Street days, Curious Incidents 2 is first rate Sherlockian pastiche. Peppered throughout with the wonderful illustrations of Phil Cornell.

Contains David Cisler's 2nd published short-story, "The Problem of the Sussex Scalping"

(Also, look for Curious Incidents, Vol 1, from the same publisher)

$12.00 US from
Baker Street Dozen

(Mad for a Mystery)

The Adventure of the Wish Hounds of Candlemere
David N. Cisler
Number 16 in wrappers
The Mysterious Bookshop 

The Diogenes Club:  The Adventure of the Wish Hounds of Candlemere

This is the 16th volume of  THE MYSTERIOUS SHERLOCK HOLMES PAMPHLET SERIES from the Mysterious Bookshop.  This is the author's first publication.

"Terrific..." Otto Penzler

$10.00 US from
The Mysterious Bookshop
The Hound of the Baskervilles - Hunting the Dartmoor Legend  Foreword by Edward Hardwicke
Phillip Weller
Halsgrove Publishing

The Diogenes Club:  The Hound of the Baskervilles - Hunting the Dartmoor Legend

This book has been written in order to bring a greater depth of enjoyment to one of the greatest tales ever written in the English language on the centenary of its first publication.  It includes the full text of the original story as it first appeared in The Strand Magazine in 1901-2, along with a major new study of the geographical, historical and literary background to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s masterpiece including rare Victorian photographs, many seen for the first time, of the locations as Conan Doyle would have seen them.  £24.95 GBP from
Halsgrove Publishing
Sherlock Holmes: 
The Detective Magazine, Issue #42
David Stuart Davies, Ed.
PMH Publications

The Diogenes Club:  Sherlock Holmes:  The Detective Magazine, Issue #42

This is the 42nd issue of Sherlock Holmes:  The Detective Magazine (formerly called the Sherlock Holmes Gazette.)  The magazine is published six (6) times a year and contains a number of articles, writings and Sherlockian items of interest each month.  Issue #42 includes Bob Byrne's (Sherlock Holmes on Oxford Lane) review of The Diogenes Club. £3.50 GBP ($6.00 US) from
Sherlock Holmes:
The Detective Magazine
Classic Specialties
Sherlock Holmes Desk Calendar for 2002 
The Norwood Building Inspectors 

The Diogenes Club:  The Sherlock Holmes Calendar


Every day should start off with an adventure. The Sherlock Holmes Society of Charleston, West Virginia a.k.a. The Norwood Building Inspectors has produced this Sherlock Holmes Desk Calendar to insure that the Great Detective joins you in your day’s adventure.  The dates set by the 60 Sherlock Holmes stories are always subject to debate. The authors have selected possible dates from various sources and if incorrect will at least lead to lively discussions. Other dates related to historic events are more definite.  $13.00 from
The Norwood 
Building Inspectors

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