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Volume 3

Founder Mycroft Holmes has suggested the use of a record to remark upon the updates, expansions other changes that take place at the Diogenes Club.  He has suggested calling it The Commonplace Book, after a book in use by his brother and Honorary Member, Sherlock Holmes.  The club membership has agreed to this suggestion.


2001 Entries

January 1, 2001
The Diogenes Club is honored by its inclusion in the List of Seven best Sherlock Holmes websites on the Internet in Bob Byrne's fine Sherlockian Site, Sherlock Holmes on Oxford Lane.
April 2001
The Diogenes Club is honoured by receiving a Golden Web Award for web design.
June 9, 2001
The Diogenes Club is expanded with the addition of The Ten Commandments of Msgr. Ronald A. Knox, a new writing from the Norwood Building Inspectors and addition of two newly available Sherlockian writings on the For Sale page.  The Diogenes Club is updated with the addition of a download for the GOUDY OLD STYLE font face, which is used throughout the site.  The download is on the Information Page linked from the Secretary's Office.
June 12, 2001
The Diogenes Club is updated with new artwork in The Gallery.
July 7, 2001
The Diogenes Club is honoured by Bob Byrne's flattering review of the site in Sherlock Holmes:  The Detective Magazine, Issue # 42.
November, 2001
The Diogenes Club reached its second Milestone of 5000 SITE VISITS during this month.  Thank you! 
December 23, 2001
The Diogenes Club is updated for 2002 with: 
1.  Complete re-design of the Sherlock Holmes Library, including scans of many books referenced. 
2.  Javascript coding for popup windows for referenced pages in the Sherlock Holmes Library, the Collecting Sherlock Holmes Guide, the Good Old Index and the Membership Directory
3.  Complete re-design of the Site Map
4.  Completion of the recommendations of all the Sherlockian Scholars
5.  Complete re-design of Collecting Sherlock Holmes
6.  Additions and corrections in many pages
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