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There are so many collectable Sherlock Holmes pieces, including books, artifacts, ephemera and memorabilia that it boggles the mind.  Many collectors choose a particular area to collect, while others prefer a more eclectic approach (such as John Bennett Shaw) and have a little of everything (actually, in Mr. Shaw's case it would be more accurate to say "a lot of everything"). 

Since Sherlock Holmes books and other written material are quite easy to come by and their values are fairly easy to establish, The Diogenes Club will focus on collecting Sherlock Holmes books.  Utilization of the information on this page, as well as that contained in The Sherlock Holmes Library, should be helpful to new and established Sherlockians in starting and/or maintaining a Sherlock Holmes book collection.

Unlike the other sections of the Diogenes Club, which are organized into various "rooms", this section simply summarizes existing Diogenes Club page links on ONE page... this one.  The intention is to facilitate access to the specific areas of more "scholarly" interest to Sherlock Holmes collectors.  All of the stories and other areas are accessible by returning to the main page or the site map and accessing them in that manner. 
The Diogenes Club:  Link to the Main Page
The Diogenes Club Main Page
This is the main navigation point to the entire Diogenes Club site.  You may also use the SiteMap for text access to The Diogenes Club.
The Diogenes Club:  Link to the BASICS
The Diogenes Club "The Basics" Page
A short compilation of recommendations for the very minimum "Basics" of a Sherlock Holmes collection.
The Diogenes Club:  Link to The Sherlock Holmes Library
The Diogenes Club Sherlock Holmes Library
The compiled and edited "Required Readings" of many eminent Sherlockians are contained in this annotated and comprehensive page.
The Diogenes Club:  Link to The Analytical Engines Page
The Diogenes Club Analytical Engines Page
Two search engines, one to search the entire Diogenes Club Site and a port to the Google Search Engine to search the entire web without leaving The Diogenes Club, are on this page.  Please remember the Google Search Engine both open in a NEW browser window.  The Site Search Engine does NOT open a new browser window.  There is an  Internet Quick Search port at the top of this page, too.
The Diogenes Club:  Link to the Canon Listing Page
The Diogenes Club Canon Listing Page
The entire Canon, by abbreviation, including initial publication dates and books into which the stories were compiled are found here.
The Diogenes Club:  Link to the Abbreviations Page
The Diogenes Club Abbreviations Page
All of the abbreviations for the CANON, the long and short APOCRYPHA, the SCHLOCK HOMES parodies, the EXPLOITS stories,  all of the SOLAR PONS adventures and the KANON of the Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes adventures are found here.
The Diogenes Club:  Link to the Hoy Summaries
The Diogenes Club James Hoy Canonical Summaries
Summaries of the entire Canon, developed by James Hoy, MD
The Diogenes Club:  Link to the Baring-Gould Chronology
The Diogenes Club W. S. Baring-Gould Chronology
Baring-Gould's Chronology of the entire Canon, edited and compiled by  James Hoy, MD
The Diogenes Club:  Link to the Membership Directory Page
The Diogenes Club Membership Directory Page
Brief biographies and a portrait of many important members of the "Sherlock Holmes" community are found here.
The Diogenes Club:  Link to The Grading Condition Page
The Diogenes Club Grading Condition Page
Grading Condition of books, magazines, comic books and other paper products is often not so easy.  This page contains a brief overview of grading and the elusive "First Edition", along with links to a few "more in depth" sources of information.
The Diogenes Club:  Link to The Universal Sherlock Holmes
The Universal Sherlock Holmes
Just about every publication of the Canon, every writing about the writings, plays, pastiches, parodies and just about everything else Sherlockian that you can imagine are found listed here, including some very simple descriptions. This is the only off-site link on this page.

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