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The Diogenes Club:  2002 Sherlock Holmes Calendar

Start each day in Baker Street!

     Whether the day begins with a sullen drizzle, a gray snowfall, a shroud of fog and mist or a bright yellow sun rises over Hyde Park it must truly begin on Baker Street. While dinning on Mrs. Hudson’s best breakfast, the world around you is firmly under the kind eyes of Queen Victoria. You can faintly hear the corner newsboy hawk his papers with the cry “Mystery at Westminster”. The clicking of horses’ hoofs drawing a hansom cab over the cobblestones raises your attention from the morning Telegraph.   A visitor’s card rests on a silver tray, an appointment is set. Striding through the door with the greatest of familiarity is Dr. Watson. “The game is afoot”. The day has begun.

     Every day should start off with an adventure. The Sherlock Holmes Society of Charleston, West Virginia a.k.a. The Norwood Building Inspectors has produced this Sherlock Holmes Desk Calendar to insure that the Great Detective joins you in your day’s adventure.  The dates set by the 60 Sherlock Holmes stories are always subject to debate. The authors have selected possible dates from various sources and if incorrect will at least lead to lively discussions. Other dates related to historic events are more definite. 

        Since even Sherlock Holmes took the occasional time off some dates were vacant of activity. Since this occurs to all of us we filled those dull days with games, reading and doodling. Therefore you will find a few trivia questions, a few famous quotes and a few drawings to begin your day. We may have even made up a few jokes.  Of course there are some dates that are of the highest importance. Those dates are so indicated with a profile of Mr. Holmes.  It is on those dates that we should lift a glass in memory or in celebration, depending on the circumstances depicted. 

     It is hoped that your days will allow you to return to Baker Street often and join us and the millions of other Sherlockians in celebrating, if not imitating the man Watson called “the best and the wisest man whom I have ever known.” 

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